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HILAB – Electronic Dynamometer

Our client HILAB has extensive experience in the development of test equipment and other specialized industrial machinery. For the past few years, Ideavity has been collaborating with them in the digitization of some of their projects and particularly their Electronic Dynamometer, a movement towards Industry 4.0 that HILAB has been making with great success.
For this project, we used Java language and the Modbus communication protocol to implement a fully customizable control and reporting interface that can easily be used by the machine operator to handle all the test operations, collect information, analyze data and export technical reports.

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Voice4Retail was developed by Ideavity as an R&D project, exploring voice user interface ( VUI ) within retail environments. The project development implied significant research in several fields including voice recognition systems, natural language processing tools and business rules engines.

The platform was implemented using Laravel, Javascript and Phonegap. After extensive research and experimentation our team has chosen to work with the following key technologies:

  • Google’s Speech-to-Text API, to turn the user input into text that could then be processed analyzed
  • WIT for natural language processing and intent management

The resulting system allows users to use their voice to register messages, instructions or just notes that can then be used to automatically trigger business rules and actions like stock replenishment or maintenance operations. The information collected and automatically categorized can also be used to support business decisions, detect customer trends and identify sales bottlenecks.

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