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Ideavity is a creative agency that specializes in helping businesses launch their first versions of applications. When Magikbee approached Ideavity with the idea for their new app, KidsBeeTV, a platform that provides educational and entertaining videos fully curated for kids as well as quizzes and in-app purchases, Ideavity was ready to help.

Thanks to Ideavity’s expertise and hard work, Magikbee was able to successfully launch KidsBeeTV and provide a fun, educational, and engaging platform for kids to enjoy. The in-app purchases added an additional revenue stream for Magikbee, helping to ensure the continued success of the app.

After the initial launch, Magikbee continued to develop and improve the app on their own, using their own resources. Despite not collaborating with Ideavity on these updates, the app remains user-friendly and engaging, thanks in part to the solid foundation provided by Ideavity during the initial launch.

Today, KidsBeeTV is a popular and successful app, loved by kids and parents alike. Thanks to Ideavity’s help with the initial launch, Magikbee has been able to provide a valuable and engaging resource for families, and has continued to evolve and improve the app over time.

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