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Freddie Med

As a leading provider of custom software development services, Ideavity has the expertise and experience needed to deliver innovative solutions like Freddie Med. Our team’s deep understanding of technologies such as Angular, Laravel, and Amazon AWS allowed us to effectively implement this platform, providing healthcare professionals and patients with a powerful tool for collaboration and information management.

But it’s not just our technical expertise that sets us apart. We understand the importance of user-friendliness and collaboration in healthcare technology, and we work closely with our clients to design solutions that truly meet their needs. With Freddie Med, we’ve created a platform that allows healthcare professionals to easily manage and share patient information, prescribe medications, and access a range of practice management tools. Patients, meanwhile, can access their health information, prescriptions, and communicate with their healthcare providers.

Other features of the Freddie Med platform include the Professional Portal, Patient Portal, and Dispensation Portal, which provide easy access to the platform’s features. Additionally, the platform is supported by Amazon AWS infrastructure, ensuring reliability and scalability.

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