About Us


We are a team of technological creatives. With vast experience in different areas, from social
platforms to WebApps and WebDesign, we complete your team in all the evolutionary and creative process. Agile and focused on quality and efficiency, we operate with transparency and fast feedback. We know what is essential to solve simply, elegantly and economically your most complex problems.


Our mission is to contribute to the technological innovation and development of our clients,  creating with them differentiated and valuable web solutions.

  • We are a natural extension of your teams
  • We make the resolution of your most complex problems extremely simple

Our, fairly small though very committed and professional, team,  focuses all energy and  dedication on the development of the best solutions to our clients, always trying to surpass their  expectations.
Team’s controlled dimension allow us to act with extreme agility and respond very quickly to all requests, contributing in a decisive way to the success of the projects in which we are involved .


Our work methodology is based on agile programming technics and we have 2 team members certified by Scrum Alliance with the Certified ScrumMaster title.

*Certified ScrumMaster is a certification mark of Scrum Alliance, Inc. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.


In order to maintain focus on our clients we always have present the values that our work methodology aims to and inspires our day-to-day life.


At the vanguard of the latest trends, we take every opportunity of collaboration on new projects to research, improve and adapt our work methodology.


Using all the acquired knowledge and in constant evolution we build the necessary tools to offer conspicuous and disruptive solutions to our clients.


Creativity and innovation combined, function as the fuel that allows us to achieve original and appropriate answers to the challenges we are being presented to.


We work in order to get the best performance and quality, always aimming to exceed our clients’ expectations.


Ideavity intends to be a reference in the development of web applications.



Sérgio Bessa
Managing Director
António Cambeiro
Web Developer
Pedro Monteiro
UI Developer
Sara Pereira
Web Developer
Virgínia Valente

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