professionals and lovers.
VIRAL is an online community of culture
We have the ideal solution to create a social network!
Effective to use in enterprise intranet.


Taking advantage of the latest innovations we develop
projects that work on diverse platforms
Games, pastimes and acquisition tools
are just some of many solutions
that we develop
We help your company to create
productivity tools for its the employees.

About Us

We are a team of technological creatives. With vast experience in different areas, from social platforms to WebApps and WebDesign, we complete your team in all the evolutionary and creative process.

  • We are a natural extension of your teams
  • We make the resolution of your most complex problems extremely simple




Taking advantage of the latest trends and technological innovations we develop projects that work on diverse platforms such as tablets and smartphones.

Social platforms

We have the ideal solution whether you want to create a social platform for your clients or an innovative and effective communication tool to use in your corporate Intranet. Our platform includes sharing and knowledge gathering functionalities fully integrated in an intuitive environment to which any user adapts himself naturally.


Tailored to the needs of our clients and accordingly to the available budget, our solutions are visually appealing and functional.

Facebooks apps

Games, pastimes and customer acquisition tools are just some of many solutions that we develop to the enhancement of your presence in which it is the biggest social network of  the present days.

Search Engine Optimization

We put our experience, acquired throughout many years of websites optimization, in our clients disposal in order to improve the way they are integrated in the main search engines. We use several tools to analyse and monitor data through which we can objectively identify aspects to improve and apply the necessary changes to maximize the income of the investment.


We help your company to create and develop productivity tools for its the employees. In the office or on the go, applications we develop can be used on PC, tablet or smartphone.



19 Nov 2013

Viral is in Zaragoza representing Portugal in the V Ibero-American Culture Congress as a finalist in the contest “Emprende con cultura”…

02 Nov 2013

EDUCARE.PT, the reference portal for teachers and the educational community, owned by Porto Editora, has been updated and now includes a social network developed by Ideavity…


Ideavity is one of the most professional teams in the IT and technology industry I have ever met, they have special skills in order to accept and carry out the most challenging and innovative projects. I work with this team for over six years, together we have made surprising new solutions by exploring new market opportunities.

It is my privilege to recommend Ideavity and its Team Leader Sergio Bessa. Ideavity has a very important know how in ICT and in management of complex projects. Innovation, precision, reliability, speed and skill: these are the main characteristics of the team Ideavity. Ideavity is simply a benchmark for ICT.









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